~The Art of Sadira~

Welcome to the website for Sadira. Yep. THE WEBSITE.

While this site is still very much a big W.i.P, I would like to take the time to thank all of my visitors for coming beforehand, as I know I have many watchers on the internet that have been missing my updates. I do draw quite often, I just tend to not upload it anywhere.

So, welcome again! This is my site that I'm going to use for updates and the like from now on. I'll have all of my contact information up, as well as my event dates and commission information, too, so don't worry, everything is going to be super okay! 

Home - Will bring you right back here!

Gallery - Brings you to my gallery!

Prices - Will just put commission information here. :D News can be in blogs. 

Contact - How will you get hold of me without it?! 

Donations - You can donate at the bottom of the page or on this link, or on the tip jar to the right. 

Anyways, have fun here, I know I will~



Play some Tetris. :D


I am too. >_> 

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